#1day12pics June 2014

This Saturday was my second #1day12pics, a monthly instagram photo get-together where we each take twelve photos over the course of a single day (you could probably have figure that out for yourself). Anyway, here’s another Saturday-in-the-life of Lauren Hairston, food blogger. Peeling back the curtain…
Old King Cole Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea #1day12picsSausage, Bean, and Bacon Bake #1day12pics
Naturally, there’s going to be food. On the left I’m making a cup of tea with Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast and my Old King Cole mug from the Wichita Arm Museum (WAM!). Don’t you just love gold on black? Reminds me of Biba. On the right is our lunch–Sausage, Bean, and Bacon Bake–which is really a Full English in a baking tin. Delicious.
Bubble Bath #1day12picsMistress of Mellyn, The Rose Garden, The Dark Is Rising, Daphne du Maurier at Home #1day12pics
Paul spent the morning getting his baby ready to fly to England for the Farnborough Air Show. I spent the morning taking a bubble bath and catching up on my fun reading.
Paul at Recycling Center #1day12picsBeaver at Kansas Wildlife Exhibit #1day12pics
Busy Beavers: That’s Paul sorting our plastics at the recycling center and, on the right, the actual beaver that we got to pet at the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit in Riverside Park. There’s talk of closing down the exhibit, which houses animals who can’t be returned to the wild, because of budget shortfalls. It only costs $70,000 per year to run and it’s a great part of the city. If you’re in Wichita, you should (a) go check it out and (b) write to your city councilman.
Riverside Park Wichita #1day12picsArkansas River, Wichita #1day12pics
These last four photos are all from Riverside Park, as well. With the pagoda in the park and the half-timbered apartment buildings on the other side of the Arkansas River, Riverside Park is a bit like a tiny Epcot Center!
Geese Arkansas River #1day12picsTwisted Tree Arkansas River #1day12pics
I’ve really enjoyed participating in #1day12pics because it forces me to look around for lots of things to photograph in the space of a single day, so I get out and explore. I want to know how you spend your Saturdays. #1day12pics is usually the first Saturday of the month; are you in for July?

7 thoughts on “#1day12pics June 2014

  1. Michelle

    Looks like a nice ol’ day. Thanks for joining in again! I love the ‘beavering’ duo.

    1. Lauren Hairston

      Thanks for hosting, Michelle!

  2. Hollie@MiaFleur

    Just popping by from the #1day12pics link up to say hello! Great pics from the day- and you’re so right, doing the challenge really encourages you to actually get out and do something or even find the beauty in the everyday surroundings around you. Look forward to seeing Julys :). Hollie

  3. Lori

    This is so FUN! Love all the photos (but I think the tub pic is the best)!

    1. Lauren Hairston

      I just have to be careful not to drop the phone in the bathwater…

  4. Emma Davies

    Great pics. I also love the fact you have to search photos out sometimes, it makes me pay more attention.

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