Daphne du Maurier at Home

Daphne du Maurier at Home
On the trusted recommendation of Sunday (go say hi to her  at Ciao Domenica), I ran off to my library to pick up Daphne du Maurier at Home. What better book to read considering I’d just finished both Jamaica Inn and The King’s General? Well, I loved Daphne du Maurier at Home. I read it cover-to-cover, which isn’t something I normally do with coffee-table books. I could very much relate to Daphne du Maurier’s love of houses and her sensitivity to the soul of buildings. That’s something I definitely feel, as well. I think it’s important to be the custodian of a house’s spirit! On top of the interesting read, the photos are great. Even if you don’t have much interest in Daphne du Maurier, you might enjoy the sheer volume of interior and exterior shots of country houses and seaside retreats. However, if you are a du Maurier fan, you’ll love reading about all the inspiration for her books, especially those set in her beloved Cornwall.
Menabilly Watercolor Daphne du Maurier at Home

6 thoughts on “Daphne du Maurier at Home

  1. Lori

    What a lovely way to spend some time! Gorgeous book!

    1. Lauren Hairston

      I love a good coffee-table book!

  2. Sunday Taylor

    Lauren, I love the idea of being the “custodian of a house’s spirit.” I always felt that Howards End was about that very idea, and you put it so beautifully. First, thanks so much for linking to me. Second, I will now read the Daphne Du Maurier book more thoroughly after reading what you said. I heard Hilary Macaskill speak about it at UCLA and her talk was fascinating. Love this post about a writer and her sense of place.

    1. Lauren Hairston

      Oooh I would have loved to hear the author’s talk. Thanks for recommending Daphne du Maurier at Home!

  3. Hausfrau

    I’ve never seen this book, but it looks like my cup of tea. And I’ve found that you can’t go wrong with books recommended by Sunday! By the way, I’m watching Father Brown right now–such fun!

    1. Lauren Hairston

      I know! I always find books I want to read on Sunday’s blog. Haven’t read any Father Brown yet, though.

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